Many of the products, which the lymphatic system transports, are not able to be absorbed back into the blood vessels and their elimination from the tissues is essential to life.

Unlike the blood system, the Lymphatic system does not have an active pump, like the heart, and is therefore reliant upon the muscular contractions within the body to collect and move the lymph along its channels.

However, in certain situations such as illness, constriction of movement, aging, congestion etc, there develops a stasis (or lack of movement) and with this there is trapping of toxins and waste products within the tissues.

Lymph is around the consistency of honey and can even thicken more than this. Manual Lymphatic drainage is used to accelerate the lymphatic transportation, and therefore the processing and elimination of wastes from the body.

Manual Lymphatic drainage acts upon the Autonomic Nervous System, enhancing the Parasympathetic responses, allowing the patient to become more relaxed and calmer. This reduces the tension that stimulation of the Sympathetic Nervous System (the subconscious ‘fight or flight’ responses due to stress, illness, shock, fear etc.).
Once this tension is released there is an increase in lymph flow.

The movements of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLDM)
(The Vodder method) are to be slow, medium/light pressure
with an almost monotonous repetitive rhythm.

The patient is required to maintain adequate water intake the day of, and for a few days after, the treatment in order to assist the liver and kidneys in diluting and eliminating the toxins which have been released from the tissues.

There are a few contraindications to MLDM.
                                    All malignancies
                                    All acute inflammation
                                    Recent thrombosis

&  Allied Natural Therapies

A healthy lymphatic system promotes healthy body tissue and body functions.
It not only helps to distribute nutrients to the tissues, it removes
and transports wastes away from the tissues and it also guards against infections by the action of its Lymphocytes (white blood cells).