Dear Friends: 

Welcome! Homeopathy is growing rapidly as a preferred and natural family medicine. My name is Pauline Ashford and I have been practicing as a Homeopath and Natural Therapies practitioner for 
over 20 years.I am committed to providing quality empathetic and up to date scientific information and health guidance to all those who desire to improve their health. My site will include, over time (as I add to and build this site further), various presentations, assessments, scientific articles and case studies to aid in your quest for perfect health. 
I have a single practitioner practice that I run from my beautiful home in Witta near Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.

My qualifications are:
Advanced Diploma in Health Science - Homeopathy, Bachelor of Health Science - Complementary MedicineEmotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
Lymphatic Drainage Massage Certificate
Dorn Therapies Practioner Level 1
Reiki Practitioner Level 2
I am a CLASSICAL HOMEOPATH and treat constitutionally as well acute and chronic complaints
for all members of your family, young or old.
My practice is FAMILY ORIENTATED and KID FRIENDLY I believe that good health is something achieved by the patient themselves once they have learned some skills to assist in their quest. These skills can come via self learning or via a relationship with a healer/practitioner who can assist in this journey. 

I believe my role is to EDUCATE as well as to participate in the healing.

So often we need to find the 'dis--ease' and treat that before one can fight the 'disease'.

Health is a journey not a moment in time. We must learn skills that help us to deal with the every day events that can cause us physical, mental or emotional angst and this is where I come in ........

I am a member of ....... 
  • HERA (Homeopathic Education and Research Association)
  • Australian Register of Homeopaths (00-486)
  • Please see Links page for copy of the National Code of Conduct for Health Workers under which I must operate and which outlines the consumers rights also.
re Corona Virus     16/3/20
To everyone it may concern 
I have had a big discussion with my family members yesterday and have made the very difficult, in some ways but no brainer in others, decision that we are going to self isolate as of today. We have a family member who is in the very high risk category for complications of the Corona Virus and I am needed as a support person for him and his children because of this.

 So I apologise but that will mean cancelling all face to face appts for this week and likely a few weeks.

 I will still do appointments for Homeopathy but via Messenger or Phone and can leave remedies in my letterbox for collection and or post them out to you – I have stocked up on prepaid post bags and can post them without having to be at risk. I will also make sure there are stocks of remedies in at Maple ST Coop and Blessed Earth in Maleny and Hempothacary at Montville for you stock up on if needed.
 If things get really bad Homeopathy may well be accepted if there are no longer supplies of drugs etc too treat the ensuing pneumonia cases so we need to be ready for that eventuality so I will use the time to also research all the pneumonia remedies etc so I am up to speed if needs be.

I am not fearful just trying to be careful and safe guard my family which as many of you know comes first for me.

It feels right to do it and last night had a very calm feeling about my decision which helps me to know it is the right thing for me to do.

Please contact me if you feel you want an appt by phone or messenger – as usual – email is best and fastest way to get me. or Messenger – under Pauline Ashford – there is no photo but has the saying –‘ the greatest enemy of good science is a closed mind” as my logo on my messenger ID.

I apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause and hope you understand my actions and if you could spread this around so everyone knows I am here for remote appts.
Best of Regards Pauline