Pauline Ashford
  130 Ansell Rd, Witta via Maleny
  QLD, Australia, 4552
  07 54944101

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9 TO 5PM
Other times by appointment only

Please email orders if you can as this is fastest way to get me as I often cant answer the phone due having patients with me.

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Pauline Ashford
B Health Science - Comp Med
Adv Dip HS - Hom
Dorn Therapy Level 1
EFT Practitioner
Reiki Level 2
LD Massage Cert
"Pauline Ashford is a wonderful homeopath. My three young children and myself have been seeing Pauline for the past 8 years - 3 pregnancies and various childhood and other illnesses (including whooping cough) and accidents.  During that time Pauline has gone well above and beyond what I would expect of a health professional, with amazing results. Thank you"

 Elaman Creek

I was referred to Pauline by an acquaintance for treatment of frequent and often severe headaches after the GP’s advice to take Panadol had no effect whatever. I made an appointment and since December 2009 I have been under her care. She has not only helped me to get rid of the headaches, but also cleared up various other problems, some of which I was not even aware. As you may expect from a Homeopath, Pauline’s treatment is holistic but her skills in other branches of healing help her to achieve maximum results. She takes time to get to the roots of your complaints and discusses options for treatment. How different from a general practice where you pay by the minute! 

Rocky, Curramore.

For the past six years, Pauline has treated me for issues including backache, digestive problems, sinusitis, tooth problems, anxiety, flu and gastric upset, always with great success. Pauline has used her many skills in Homoeopathy, Dorn Therapy, and Reiki as well as teaching me self help such as E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique).  I am enormously thankful for her dedication, and to have on-going access to treatment that has always been caring, effective, and without side effects.

Rita,  Maleny

Pauline has been consistently helpful and responsive with all my requests and enquiries. I have valued her assistance with homeopathic alternatives to drug therapy for elevated cholesterol, for controlling PSA levels, and for general constitutional health. All of these support treatments have been successful. I have also had Dorn Therapy for back pain, and this has been an excellent intervention.
Russ,  Maleny 

I cannot recommend Pauline enough as a healer.  She worked with me on my past sexual abuse issues, with homoeopathy, reiki, EFT and counselling.  After years of seeing psychologists to try and deal with the fallout from this - major anxiety problems, a breakdown and the physical traumas which often accompany child abuse, I finally found someone who could make a real and lasting difference to my quality of life.  My internal landscape is now a much calmer place.  I no longer suffer from panic attacks and my inner confidence has been regained.  Whilst the memories never go away, the emotional intensity around them has gone.  Amazing.  I wish she'd been around 20 years ago!  
Cairns (ex-Maleny)

I saw Pauline 5 years ago.  My story is that I am an alcoholic who stopped drinking some 20-odd years ago.  Whilst I haven't had a drink since, the cravings never went.  After one session of reiki and EFT with Pauline I was able to go to dinner that night and even though I could smell the wine I no longer had the visceral response to drink.  I know that I can never drink again, but the journey has been made a lot easier for me.  She's very, very good.  

I came to Pauline November 2005, in a desperate state. A specialist had told me in December 1990 I had CFS, you will read about it in any magazine, 'go out have fun' don't worry. My Father passed away mid February (my only worry I believed other than normal daily life we all have) -nothing changed I struggled on. Dr 's were not interested when I told them what happened it was always NON SPECIFIC SYMPTOM.
When I spoke to Pauline saying that is the only way I can describe what is happening, she seemed to understand/translate.
I don't think I am on top of CFS yet, however she has helped me to a better quality of life.
Pauline is interested in you as a whole person. It took me a while to realise this as she always asked what has happened since you were last here.
I have been to a lot of therapists since 1988, I soon plateaued, this has not happened to date with Pauline.
I have had  treatment on my back since I started walking, she is the only one I don't dread going to.
(foloowing added 2014)
I have always had a problem with bruising   it was not unusual  to look as if just happened  2 – 4 weeks after the bump until I had Paulines Remedy.
 12th June using tie wire - it sprung hitting me just on the bone of the lower eye socket . Even with instant pressure I had blood under the skin from my eye brow up the side of my nose to about 1” below my lower eye lid.
I could not wear my normal glasses  or apply moistureiser to that part of my face.
With Pauline Remedy I had lunch with an Aunt on the 30th June & she did not notice the last of the bruise under the centre of my eye. (she does not miss a thing)  
This bruise healing was unheard of for me before I met Pauline.
I also used this Remedy (after consulting Pauline) on my 97  year old Aunt who had a hens egg size bag of blood on her wrist & she is still going well at 103 years of age
Thank you very much Pauline


When introduced to Pauline Ashford at her Maleny Homeopathy Clinic at Witta I had two herniated discs in my lower back, to say that I was a little uncomfortable is a bit of an understatement. Not ever having heard about 'Dorn therapy' I was a little dubious but was absolutely reassured by a friend who referred me to Pauline. I have found that Pauline's approach to my wellbeing and health is her paramount concern. 'Dorn' is non invasive, very gentle and I have found it the only thing that has assisted me with my back problems, which have persisted over 30 or more years. I have seen chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists,kineisiologists  and many others over the years and have never found them to have a holistic attitude to my wellbeing that I have found with Pauline. The homeopathic remedies that Pauline suggests have also assisted in my ability to 'do without chemicals' and have found them to be most beneficial. I have referred both of my teenagers to Pauline and they have found that Pauline listens to them and she has assisted me in teaching them that they alone have to be responsible for their own health - a lifetime skill that I hope will hold them in good stead!